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Serious about dining. Serious about photography. We’re a group of 7 individuals that love food and appreciate good photography. With a wide palette of individuals, we’re able to deliver frequent updates and great photos from various cuisines. We’re sure to satisfy your food blog needs.

We’re based in beautiful Vancouver,  British Columbia but being avid travelers and explorers, you can find us scattered across the globe. We currently have editors in Hong Kong, Osaka Japan, Sydney Australia, and (of course) Vancouver BC. Look out for future dining adventures in South East Asia in the coming months as well!

If you think “Cameras and Cuisines” is a mouthful, you can call us C&C. If you think “Cameras and Cuisines” is difficult to remember, remember we’re a group of individuals (therefore camera”S”) and we explore many types of food (therefore cuisine”S”). Don’t forget the S’s! But if you do, we understand =).