Not much needs to be said about Miku Restaurant. Step inside, taste the food and you’ll know why they’ve become one of Vancouver’s most talked about Japanese restaurants. Miku has definitely got it figured out. Not only is the location amazing, being waterfront facing towards Canada Place, but they maximize its potential with their large windows and open dining area and kitchen. During the day, there is plenty of natural light to give this place a very clean, serene atmosphere while at night, a seat on the heated patio lounge with candle lights and fleece blankets will provide the perfect cosy dinner setting.

Service is extremely attentive and every server there that I have dealt with has been amazingly sweet. They know how to make you feel comfortable and will accommodate your needs to make that meal extra special. I would never hesitate to recommend locals or visitors to Vancouver to this lovely gem.


Miku Restaurant Calamari $14

Miku Restaurant Calamari $14

We started off with the Calamari appetizer dish which included a mix of lightly battered atlantic squid mixed with pickled beets and cucumber drizzled with a tosazu sauce. Extremely light and not at all greasy or oily. I could skip the pickled beets and cucumbers, but that is more of a preference thing for myself. Overall, a very well done tempura dish.

Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi

Miku Restaurant Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi $16

Miku Restaurant Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi $16

If you’ve done your research, you’d know not to skip this sushi dish from Miku Restaurant. This Auburi Salmon Oshi Sushi is Miku’s signature dish and I’ve never had anything like this anywhere else before. This pressed BC wild sockeye salmon sushi is seared for that touch of smoky flavour that is the perfect contrast to the smooth creamy taste of the special miku sauce. Topped with a thin slice of jalapeño for a kick (not at all spicy), this sushi just melts your taste buds to leave you speechless. Yeah, that good.


Miku Restaurant MIKU Roll $18

Miku Restaurant MIKU Roll $18

Artwork, just some serious artwork on a plate. The Miku roll was recommended by my fellow Cameras and Cuisines blogger, Brian. And I know exactly why: he loves sea urchin. A mix of salmon, crab, cucumber, sea urchin, rolled in flying fish roe, brushed with miku sauce and again seared at the top, this dish has an amazing mix of textures, colours and flavours. For that price, I may hesitate to re-order this dish but it’s definitely one of those things you’ve got to try at least once.


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