Funky Restaurant in the Market Area

Funky Restaurant in the Market Area

Recently I was able to pass through the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. In the River Market Area of Little Rock, you’ll find a little self-serve restaurant where the locals frequent: Flying Fish. My friend and I found this place in searching for “The Best Catfish in Town”. And during our wait in the short queue outside, it was evident with the buzzing vibe of the restaurant and its patrons that we had made the right choice.


Wow, so many choices!

Wow, so many choices!

We browsed their extensive menu and were almost left paralyzed with the choices. And it seemed the choices for most menu items were deep fried or deep fried, dabbled with a small selection of grilled dishes. That’s American comfort food for you! Personally, I don’t know if I could eat it everyday, but once in a while, it’s kind of a treat.


Self Serve, done right.

Self Serve, done right.

I particularly enjoyed the system that Flying Fish uses to get the customers ordered and seated. Once placing your order at the counter you’re given a buzzer, which are generally used at nicer restaurants when you are waiting for a table. This system allows the customer to find a place of their choosing and pick up the food exactly when it’s ready – such a simple method that makes you overlook the fact that you aren’t being served!


Tilipia with Grilled Veggies and Beans and Rice

Tilapia with Grilled Veggies and Beans and Rice

I ordered the special of the day, which happened to be Fried Tilapia (a fish that I had never had before), which came with perfectly seasoned and grilled zucchini and squash. It really surprised me how good these veggies were! The fish was seasoned with a spicy cajun rub and was pretty good, not at all overcooked. The side of rice and beans was decent as well, overall a really balanced meal, generously portioned. Needless to say, you won’t walk away from this restaurant feeling hungry.


Grilled Veggies were so great we had to get a side of extra!

Grilled Veggies were so great we had to get a side of extra!


Fried Calamari with Hushpuppies

Fried Calamari with Hushpuppies (I didn’t eat any of the hushpuppies)


Really I had to say it.. but it's really does taste like chicken.

Really I had to say it.. but it’s really does taste like chicken.


If I'm ever in the area in the future, I'll definitely be back to try the other items on that huge menu! A very reasonably priced, popular restaurant serving some great American style seafood of the local fishes from the area.

Food: 4 - Solid
Ambiance: 4 - Funky atmosphere
Service: N/A (it's self serve!)
*Our scoring system is out of 5. With 5 being the highest score.

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