Saigon Delight at Railway Square

Saigon Delight at Railway Square

Looking for a quick lunch? Or just in the area? Just outside Central Station, in Sydney, and just outside the “Tunnel” that connects Central Station to the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), you’ll find Saigon Delight. I walk through this tunnel every morning to get to work and their “fresh” looking signboard always catches my eye. Little information can be found about this little shop online, but I decided to give it a go anyways. At $5 for a “pork roll” it can’t really hurt. Yes, the infamous “Viet Sub” as we call it back in Vancouver, Canada is known as the “Pork Roll” here in Australia.

Their menu here is simple. They offer pork/chicken/meat ball/shredded pork rolls, rice paper rolls (spring rolls) and  various fresh fruit smoothies, shakes and coffee. They also offer a breakfast roll in the mornings. For my lunch that day, a simple pork roll was all I needed. The place was quite busy for a lunch (1pm), but I was in and out in around 5 mins.


Saigon Delight Pork Roll - $5 Aud

Saigon Delight Pork Roll – $5 Aud

The roll was very fresh. There was a good amount of meats and veggies, and the sauce they had in the roll was quite tasty. I have to say, either it was the sauce or the veggies but there was something that made this roll different from your usual pork roll. Dare I say, it has a bit of a western flair to it!

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