It was a random Sunday and I was due for a catch up lunch with some friends I had not seen in a while. Having attended a wedding with an open bar the night before, one of my two friends was in need of something greasy and carb filled to help with his post wedding hangover. They had both read up about Rumpus Room and went with the intent of trying the famous chicken and waffles. I did my usual homework and decided that the waffle burger was more of my cup of tea.

The room wasn’t super big, it would fit about 40 people, and the decoration inside was nothing less than eclectic. It almost reminded me of a smaller Slickity Jim’s before it burnt down. There were families inside (just fathers and their sons, likely after some sort of baseball practice) and some groups of friends, who like my friend, looked to be in need of some greasy foods to cure whatever ailment they may have been feeling.

Needless to say, my waffle burger was nothing short of AMAZING. Rumpus describes this burger as “a house made, hand-pressed all natural hormone-free beef burger patty topped with bacon, fried egg sunny side up, cheddar, lettuce and tomato.” All of this was prepared within two fresh waffles and served with breakfast potatoes. It was full on! BOOM!


Breakfast Waffle Burger $14

The waffle was a liege waffle so it wasn’t big enough to be too carb filled, but thick and dense enough to make me not want anymore after. There were some sugar crystals but it was largely lost in all the meat and eggs. The egg itself was absolutely PERFECT and the combination of the savoury and sweet made for one of the best breakfast burgers I have had in quite some time.

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the other items that afternoon: good conversation tends to distract me from remembering my foodie obligations.

Besides my main dish, I do recommend trying “Nathan’s mini dogs”. They were amazing!



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    wow, that burger..just wow..

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