I think it was quite recently that Vancouver started going back to the more basic indulgences. And what’s the most classic one of all? Donuts! We all remember growing up watching Homer Simpson devour them like they were the best thing since sliced bread.

We had just finished the Grouse Grind, and to treat ourselves we decided to grab donuts from Lucky’s Donuts. These fresh made donuts can be found inside the 49th Parallel Roasters Cafe on Main Street. There are no signs that advertise the donut shop from the outside, so you just have to know where you are going to find it.


The Display Case of Lucky's Donuts

The Display Case of Lucky’s Donuts

As we were making our way to the coffee shop enroute from Grouse, I was already on Urbanspoon doing my research to help me narrow down my choices. I’ve always seem have trouble choosing when the selection is too great – indecisive me!


French Crueler - $2.50

French Crueler – $2.50

Such a classic this is, and honestly my favourite and “go-to” donut if I’m ever at a donut place. But this is Lucky’s donuts who specializes in more unique donuts, so I figured this is the one time I should stray away and try something different and new instead!


Old Fashion Salted Caramel - $3

Old Fashioned Salted Caramel – $3

The Old Fashioned Salted Caramel – this is the one my friend was eying that day.


Peanut Butter and Jelly - $3.50

Peanut Butter and Jelly – $3.50

This was my friend Johan’s second time trying Lucky’s. On his first visit he tried this Peanut Butter and Jelly donut. He said it was absolutely amazing and after we had ordered our donuts for the day, he said he wished he’d grabbed a Peanut Butter and Jelly one as well.


Mango Square - $3.50

Mango Square – $3.50

Lucky’s Mango Square donut seems quite popular. I’d read mentions of it from other food bloggers, and saw two girls eating it that day. I’ve never seen a square shaped donut and it was so large!


Apple Bacon Fritter - $3.50

Apple Bacon Fritter – $3.50

Most food blogs seem to rave about this one – the apple bacon fritter. I’m not a big fan of bacon myself (I know, blasphemy!) so it didn’t entice me.


Lemon Bismark - $3

Lemon Bismark – $3

I was however smitten with the idea of the Lemon Bismark. It had good reviews from others before and I generally love the tart and sweet combination that lemon baked goods provide.


After about 15 minutes of staring at the donuts we decided on…

The Salted Caramel Donut

Salted Caramel in the Bag

Salted Caramel in the Bag

It had a crisp layer of melted caramel on top and the old fashioned donut is less “airy” than the other ones. The combination made it a dense donut with a chewiness that seemed to stick to your teeth. If you love caramel, this would be the donut for you. For me, it just reminded me of a caramel candy, though it wasn’t super sweet. Overall, the texture just wasn’t what I was looking for from a donut.
The Lemon Bismark

The Lemon Bismark

The Lemon Bismark

The Lemon Bismark After a Few Bites

The Lemon Bismark After a Few Bites

The Lemon Bismark was everything I thought it’d be and more! The tartness of the lemon filling and the light sugar dusting around the donut was a great combination. The thickness of the donut itself was a good amount and the amount of filling inside was enough to ooze out after three small bites into the center. Johan wasn’t crazy about the filling at first but after two more bites he finished it all!

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  1. Sami Nguyen says:

    Winnie! I love that you took pictures of all the different selection of donuts! Makes me feel as though I was there =)

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