Just before I was due to travel for two months in Eastern Asia, I decided to get one final sushi fix. I had heard really great things about this sushi restaurant in Steveston, so I made my way there on my last night in Vancouver.

Note: if you ever go, remember to make reservations! When we first arrived, we were told that they were all full for the night. But fortunately, while we were analyzing the menu for takeout, a previous reservation for the night was cancelled last minute and we scored ourselves a table. What luck! Sushi gods were on our side!


From Our Seat

From Our Seat

Here’s the link to the menu on their website; they have really pretty pictures! It was just the two of us that night, but when it comes to sushi, we always have much larger appetites. So lots of food pictures ahead!



Assorted Sashimi B (Salmon, Tuna, Scallop, Sweet Shrimp) – $16.50 + Special of the Day Usuzukuri (White fish) – $15.95

First was the Sashimi Combo B which we added usuzukuri (special white fish of the day) to. It’s like they expected us to take pictures because after setting it on the table for only 5 minutes, the waitress came back and asked if she could remove the fish bone that was presented on the wooden stick. After about 10 minutes, she returned with the following:


Deep Fried Bones from Usuzukuri

Deep Fried Bones from Usuzukuri

The white fish wasn’t anything impressive. I think we both regretted getting it. The sashimi, however, was definitely super fresh. The scallops and salmon were particularly memorable.


Chopped Scallop Roll - $5.50 for one

Chopped Scallop Roll – $5.50 for one

We always have to try the chopped scallop whenever we have sushi, it’s almost like it’s our “thing”. At Ichiro, the cone wasn’t rolled into the usual cone shape but rather into a cylinder. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cylindrical shape, I think you miss the best part this way, without the tip of the cone! Maybe next time I will make an effort to ask them to roll it into a cone shape instead. I did find that the scallop inside this roll was super fresh with just the right amount of mayonnaise. So other than the shape, it was just the way I like it.




Next up was the maki for the night!


Steveston Roll - Sweet Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Cucumber wrapped with salmon - $12.50

Steveston Roll – Sweet Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Cucumber Wrapped with Salmon – $12.50

We were in Steveston so it was a must to try the signature Steveston Roll! It reminded me of a chopped scallop roll with salmon, just because of the texture of the sweet shrimp itself. It was easily had in one bite and the flavors were quite well mixed together with super fresh ingredients.


Princess Roll - ?? Roll Topped with Uni, Tobiko and Cut of Jalepeno ~ $18

Princess Roll – ?? Roll Topped with Uni, Tobiko and Cut of Jalepeno ~ $18

I kick myself for not taking a picture of this roll’s description. It is a featured item for the summer and is not mentioned on their online menu and even my Google attempts has not come up with anything from other bloggers about this roll. The thing is, this was the BEST roll I had that night and definitely one of the top 5 I’ve ever tried in my LIFE! I actually craved for this roll while I was traveling and made sure I would go back to Ichiro when I returned to Vancouver, just to have this roll again — THAT’s how good it is! The name starts with Princess but the rest of it I cannot remember. It was also a pricier roll as well because of the uni but it was worth every penny. The texture of the roll with the soft uni top and the fun of popping tobiko in my mouth is what makes me still drool every time I think about it (I’m salivating as I type)! Needless to say, if you ever go to Ichiro, spend the extra couple of dollars and try this. Everyone who I have recommended this to says it is amazing.


Oyster Motoyaki - Grilled Oyster with Motoyaki Sauce - $6.95

Oyster Motoyaki – Grilled Oyster with Motoyaki Sauce – $6.95

Oyster Motoyaki - Grilled Oyster with Motoyaki Sauce - $6.95

Oyster Motoyaki – Grilled Oyster with Motoyaki Sauce – $6.95

HungryPaddler always has to get his oyster motoyaki and I don’t remember him saying it was amazing, but he did finish the whole thing!


Ichiro Don - Chicken Karaage, Unagi, Prawn Tempura on Rice - $12.95

Ichiro Don – Chicken Karaage, Unagi, Prawn Tempura on Rice – $12.95

Just in case the portions would be too small, we decided to get the Ichiro Don as well. We definitely did not need it in the end though. It had such an amazing variety with a little bit of everything! The unagi was great and the sauce was just perfect. Not over powering the tempura at all either. The prawn tempura was crispy and not overly battered. A great way to end off our meal.

Ichiro was amazing and I’ve already been back twice since! Once for take out as well. So if you are ever in Steveston and wanting to try something different and new, give Ichiro a try!

PS. They have a smaller and more inexpensive restaurant as well called Takeya. I haven’t been there yet but is definitely on my list.


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