Food carts are so popular these days but given that I work in Burnaby Monday to Friday, I am hardly ever able to venture Downtown Vancouver to try these talked about treats. Luckily, I was starting later one morning so I decided to grab lunch in Downtown before heading to work!

We walked from the Burrard Skytrain Station towards the water and stumbled upon Fresh Local and Wild. It sparked my interest since HungryPaddler had been there before and it was featured on Triple D‘s.


The Food Cart

Boasting one of the few trucks to have their own patio attached to the food truck itself, it certainly adds a nice option for those who want to sit there and eat. Unfortunately the area can only seat about four people comfortably and there was already a party of five squeezed inside. We were just going to have to eat sitting on the steps of the surrounding financial buildings instead.


The BC Fish Shawarma

BC Fish Shawarma

BC Fish Shawarma (With Halibut, Hummus, and Tabouleh Veggies in a pita) – $10 and the Side Salad – $4, Total Cost: $14

The Shawarma was filled with many chunks of fish and had lots of cucumber cubes in it as well. The flavors were well balanced and I’m definitely glad I asked for less tabouleh or else it would be too garlic-y (I do have work afterwards!). The side salad had a citrus dressing and you can choose a side of fries instead.


Chicken Fried Oyster “Po-Boy” and Seafood Poutine

Chicken Fried Oyster “Po-Boy” (Sawmill bay jumbos, trailer made tartar with sesame bun) – $10, with a side of Seafood Poutine (Clams, mussels, salmon, cod, double smoked bacon) – $6, Total: $16

The Chicken Fried Oyster was the menu item that was featured on Triple D’s, so it will always be a staple menu item. The rest of the menu changes on a weekly basis depending on what fresh seafood is obtainable at that time. The highlight for me however was the seafood poutine. Chock full of seafood and chunks of fish, the combination with the savoury fries and gravy made it a side that I couldn’t stop eating! Should have gotten that instead of my salad to begin with.


Powered by Fish and Chips!

Powered by Fish and Chips!

One unique thing about this food truck is that after they are ‘done’ with the oil from the deep frying, they pour it into the tank and use as their fuel generator – 100% vegetable oil power system!


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