Bratwurst Shop & Co

Bratwurst Shop & Co

I was told that the one thing I must do when arriving in Melbourne is to visit this little bratwurst shop at the Queen Victoria Market. In fact, I was even given a $5 Australian bill as a parting gift from Vancouver for purchasing one. Unfortunately, $5 doesn’t cover the costs of the bratwursts at the Bratwurst Shop & Co, but with the evident popularity of this place, paying a few extra coins for one wasn’t a problem. Now if you follow us, you know that if Anthony Bourdain has raved about it, you must eat it.


Mmm Bratwurst & Co!

Mmm Bratwurst Shop & Co!

We walked through the entire QVM (it’s huge!) before finding our way to this stall at the deli corner of the markets. But if it wasn’t the smell of tantalizing sausages, the crowd in front was enough to help you find this place. There must have been six people behind the counter serving up brats, it was busy! But the service was super fast and within minutes, I had a bratwurst in hand.


Look at all the condiment choices!

Look at all the condiment choices!

The menu was simple. Bratwursts. That’s it. I went for a simple spicy bratwurst with just onions, mustard and tomato sauce. The damage was just under $7, so no complaints there.


The Spicy Bratwurst with Onions Mustard and Tomato Sauce

The Spicy Bratwurst with Onions Mustard and Tomato Sauce

With all the hype and anticipation, I was a little underwhelmed when I got my bratwurst. A few bites in and it all came back. The bread roll was crispy and a bit chewy, which I love (mmm… Vietnamese sub style). But if you’re a fan of the soft break apart hot dog buns this one might throw you off. The bratwurst was perfectly charred resulting in the crispy skin. The bratwurst itself was very different from ones I’ve had before. It had a lot more texture, reminiscent of Chinese sausages, while still remaining moist.

Stepping just outside the market exit beside the bratwurst shop, there were tables, where just about everyone had a bratwurst along with other eats from the market. Sunny day, crisp winter air, and a bratwurst from the Bratwurst Shop & Co: perfect combo.

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  1. yyzmel says:

    By Canadian standards, this is expensive. The identical bratwurst or a spicy Italian sausage from a Toronto sausage street cart would be $4.50 at most, with almost any condiment you want available via self-service.

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  3. julian Clovelly says:

    I am afraid that as a Sydney resident when I visit Melbourne I pick my days according to when the market is open and my hotel according to proximity to this damned stand. Last time I went I swore i was not going to allow to happen to me what happens every time. I bought my bratwurst and walked with it into the next aisle where there are cheese and bread and deli stands – OK so far. Then I took a bite into the bratwurst. Within seconds the tears of joy were in my eyes yet again. The food cheese bread vegetables fish meat in Melbourne is fabulous, quite overwhelmingly so. But the bratwurst stand is the only place that for me gets nine points out of five. It is way way off the scale, like visiting Holy Ground. Charter a plane and bring your family friends and even people you don’t like. This from a man who lived in Berlin and Cologne. And then there is the coffee not far away, Tasmanian malt whisky, Victorian beer on tap and a superb Rembrandt at the art gallery the other end of the city.

    • camerascuisines says:

      Oh my! You are quite amazing for sharing this! And we really couldn’t agree more. This place is amazing and I’d be back again and again. I don’t think I’ve met any traveler to Melbourne that doesn’t know or LOVE this place. They deserve all the love and tears you shed! Happy to stand close by with tissues/serviettes in hand in support.

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