Pho Chu The - Interior

Pho Chu The - Interior

Hello world! Come have a bowl of pho with me. Not just any bowl of pho, but one from Pho Chu The in Melbourne, Australia: possibly one of the most hipster pho restaurants you’ll ever step into. This place is overflowing in cool, with a young waitstaff well uniformed in cute “What the Pho?” tees and a black lacquered painted wall filled with quirky line art, I kept thinking “this is a Vietnamese pho joint?” But being in the heart of the Vietnamese precinct of Melbourne, this place is guaranteed authentic.

We ordered the usual. I generally get the rare beef and tripe pho, but my mind was a bit lost that day and I ended up ordering the rare beef with tendon. We also got the pho dac biet, which is what I recommend anyone new to pho to order. It basically just has everything in it: beef, beef balls, tendon, and tripe. I also wanted to try their avocado smoothie (a must try!), but unfortunately, they were all out.


Medium Pho Dac Biet (House Special) - $9

Medium Pho Dac Biet (House Special) - $9

We ordered two small bowls, but they made a mistake with the order and gave us a free upgrade to a medium. That was pretty nice! The presentation was lovely, and we were given an ample amount of sprouts, basil and lemon on the side. The pho itself was also very nice! Authentic broth that didn’t taste too sweet or too salty (a problem I’ve been having finding a good pho place in Sydney). The noodles were extremely soft and bouncy, perfectly cooked. The beef was the way beef should be when served with pho, thin thin slices that kind of fall apart. Mmm just like mom makes… well, almost! Yup, that was some good beef noodle soup.


3 Responses to Pho Chu The [Melbourne, Australia]

  1. Brian Lee says:

    How does it compare to Pho in Vancouver?

    • Sami says:

      This one was particularly good. They ARE known by many as the best pho in Melbourne. I haven’t had “the best pho in Vancouver” so I’m not too sure. But I have to say their noodles are way better than anything I’ve had back home. I do have a biased towards our Canadian beef back home though! So it’s a tough one!

  2. Melissa says:

    havent been back for ages. miss the pho. but people keep saying the owners moved shop and someone else is operating under that name? can someone confirm?

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