It’s been a long time since we wanted to try this place out, months and months. Rather delighted by Le Pichet in Seattle, French cuisine has been more on my radar. Often reserved a week or two in advance, it’s difficult to get a table and if you’re planning to walk in – good luck! Although there’s bar seating available, the seats at the tables are much more preferable. It’s a little bit more intimate than the open bar, for sure. Finally, a space opened up and I made reservations, over a week in advance.

The front, separated into a cafe side and a bistro side


After being seated promptly, with the reservations made 9 days in advanced, we were immersed into an atmosphere of pleasant conversation. There definitely is a romantic feel to the place. The popularity of this restaurant is no secret to anyone who’s tried to eat here. I bet Le Faux Bourgeois is a neighborhood favorite for many.

The Interior


The food arrived at just the right time, you get a sense that the people running the restaurant know what they’re doing. The bread arrived first, and wow, what a treat! It was soft, fresh, unlike french bread that’s obviously been sitting out. But be careful not to get full from just the bread, food’s still coming!!

Fine French Bread!


The entrees arrived next and they were a sight to behold.


Canard Confit

Crispy duck leg confit, du Puy lentils, green beans and grain mustard jus.

Juicy, delicious, flavorful, is how’d I sum up this dish. Quite simply: the flavors worked together. I normally don’t eat a lot of lentils, and while usually they are bland, they were simmered and flavored to the point where you can’t admit they taste boring. A real treat, expertly cooked and crafted together.


Truite Meuniere

Ruby trout with green beans, fingerling potatoes and lemon parsley sauce.

Another great dish. The fish was cooked right, not overdone, soft, moist and flaky. The sauce matched the fish well and the potatoes were really good as well, went perfectly with the lemon parsley sauce. Fantastic.


Le Steak Frites

Hanger steak served with frites and choice of: red wine shallot jus or herb butter or green peppercorn cream sauce.

I didn’t get a chance to try this guy, but from our guests, they both agreed it was good. The fries were great and the meat was cooked well.

3 Responses to Le Faux Bourgeois

  1. Brian Lee says:

    You’re kidding? Were you part of that group of friends?

  2. John H says:

    I had a reservation at this place and was very happy about it. When we got there, they had no record of us in their book. At this point you would think they would apologize and try their best to squeeze us in. Not a chance! They told us to wait at the bar, which was a tight squeeze, and we ordered some drinks to keep us going. After 20-30 mins, no one had approached us so I asked what was going on and we were basically told “tough s**t, you don’t have a reservation and we are full. It’s going to be another hour or so before we can find you a table”.
    I lost it at this point and we left to find somewhere else to eat. As we left we were chased down and I thought “they are going to find us a table or at least apologize”……no, they gave us the bill for the drinks.
    I won’t go back, it was embarrassing.

    • Brian Lee says:

      Hi John, Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience! The day before they had called us to remind us of the reservation. We felt the service wasn’t absolutely stellar, after all, I gave a rating 2/5.

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