It was time for another C&C event! This time we set off to Suika, located in the Fairview area on Broadway. The decor on the outside was pretty neat, giving it a really modern look. It’s good to be prepared with some change as free parking is hard to find in the area! On busy nights, even street parking can be a little difficult to find.

Suika Japanese and Snack Bar!

Suika Japanese Snack Bar!

This place has a feel of a classy tapas restaurant. When you walk in your eyes are treated to some interesting decor and there’s even a screen showing retro Japanese TV shows. It’s a pretty unique place!

A chandelier made of Japanese Drink Bottles. Genius.

Japanese Bonsai Tree


Enough about the Decor. Let’s get down to the food! We’d heard some good things about this place, and certainly had some high expectations for the quality of food. The menu is a delight to read, with all sorts of Japanese characters artistically written.

No Sushi, No Life. We couldn't agree more!


Shake Salad

Our server preparing the Sashimi Shake Salad for us. It involved a lot of shaking on her part. - $7.80

After the server vigorously shook the jar and emptied the contents, this is the final result.

If you look at the picture the shake salad might look like your average run of the mill of the salad. But appearances can be deceiving. The magic is in the dressing. Tasty and never feels heavy, the salad is well suited for a great appetizer that won’t ruin one’s appetite. It’s nice and light. From the menu, the dressing consist of shrimp oil, tobiko, and sesame soy dressing.


Kurogoma Salad

A cold ramen salad - $7.80

This is a dish that’s quite similar to the shake salad except for the different dressing and the fantastic ramen noodles. Just the right amount of chewiness and the black sesame really tops it off. We liked it a lot and would recommend the dish if you like salad, and ramen!


Mackerel Battera and Negitoro Battera

Mackerel Battera (Negitoro Battera off in the distance), not your average sushi! - $9.80 each

Battera is not super common in other Japanese restaurants and as far I know, these two battera sushis can pretty much be only had at Suika due to the unique sauces they are served with. Of the two, I prefer the mackerel because of the more complex flavors – the Negitoro Battera tasted like your usual Negitoro Roll with some extra sauce on the side. The green onion in the Mackerel Battera really suited it and led to a complexity and progression in flavors that is not often found in sushi.


Tuna and Avocado

Tuna and Avocado, nothing too special - $6.00

This dish was a little disappointing. Tuna and Avocado do go together pretty well, but the creativity for this dish is really lacking if you consider the other dishes that Suika offers. For what it is, it’s a tad pricey too. The sauce is also all-encompassing. I’d consider skipping this one.


Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi, interesting cut - $7.80

The salmon sashimi from Suika was cut interestingly, with remnants of skin. I wasn’t used to this, but I suppose it tastes alright. Others might find it a little daunting especially those who don’t like skin. On the otherhand, this seemed like it’s wild salmon instead of the farmed variety.


Short Rib

Short Rib, Suika Style - $15

This dish was relatively pricey. Is it worth it? Well that depends how much you adore short rib. In this case, it was cooked to perfection and the sauce was fantastic. The dish was enjoyable and delicious. Whether it’s worth the price tag is a little harder to answer.


Frozen Grapes

Frozen Grapes!

Suika gives a nice little treat when you get the bill and that’s frozen grapes. Obviously it tastes exactly as it is, a frozen grape. It’s a unique touch compared to other restaurants. Come summertime, I’m going to freeze grapes and eat them as inspired by Suika.

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