Oh macarons! Last year I was introduced to you when backpacking through Europe… little did I know that just a couple months later and a full year later, that you would be all the rage in Vancouver.

Soirette is one of the newest Macaron places to town and located fairly far away from usual transit/foot traffic area, you really do have to make the effort to come here. The decor is fairly simple, there are about 5 small tables along the side that fits maybe 10-15 people at most inside the store, so often people just come in and grab take out and go. I came here with a friend in late the afternoon one day to catch up and after a 15 minute wait, we were able to snag a table.


Soirette Take out box for 6 Macarons

It’s $2 for 1 macaron, or a box of 6 for $11.50 and box of 12 (I forgot the price for a box of 12, sorry!). So it’s definitely on the pricier side of the macaron range.

They serve a bunch of teas as well and from the picture you can see all the large jars of tea leaves in the background. Everything is served in white tea cups and plate sets, the whole place actually has a very “clean” coloured theme look. We didn’t know if we would get a seat at first and that’s why we got the macarons in the take out box. It is such pretty packaging! When the table finally did leave, we snagged it right away and asked for some hot water and a plate to enjoy our macarons.


Set of 6 Macarons - $11.50

They actually have a huge case, almost like an ice cream case full of macarons. There is usually a plate with approximately 5 – 8 macarons stacked on top of each other on these plates, and you can pick your six to make up your customized box. For this occasion, from left to right, we chose Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Ferrero Roche, Pistachio, Malibu and Lavendar.

I think of the ones we chose, and I’m generally a more sour tasting person, I preferred the raspberry and passion fruit the most. The macarons here definitely have the nice crisp crunch as you bite in but it’s not as chewy as what you would expect from a Parisian macaron. The flavour was good and I didn’t think that it was overly sweet, which is what I find with a lot of the macarons here in Vancouver. Although for $2 a piece, I think that it’s still a bit over priced for what it is.

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