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Here we have another one of Tom Douglas’s Restaurants located on the corner of Virgina St. and 5th Ave, along with 4 of his other restaurants including Lola and Dahlia Lounge. Tom Douglas first opened Dahlia Lounge in 1989 and now Tom Douglas has about 12 restaurants scattered throughout Seattle.


Serious Pie, Seattle

The Interior

Here at Serious Pie, you will find a causal pizzeria, where the pizza is made in a wood-fire oven. They do not take reservations and there is usually a bit of a line, so be prepared for a little bit of a wait. Take-out is also an option too if the wait is too much and you don’t want to wait for cheesy thin crust goodness!


Apple Cider Shrub- $3

The pizzas here range from $15-$18 and about 1 pizza can fill 1 hungry person. Since we weren’t too hungry we decided that maybe sharing one pizza and getting an appie would be a good idea. Being a huge kale fan, I didn’t have to look much further when I saw marinated lacinato kale salad.


Marinated Lacinato Kale Salad

Marinated lacinato kale salad, chilies, pine nuts - $10

Usually a salad doesn’t look that appetizing but as soon as this one came out, the people sitting near us looked over and commented on how good it looked and wished that they had ordered it. Does it taste as good as it looks? Yes it does! As you can see the kale is coated with tons of parmesan cheese and pine nuts which really masked the healthy taste kale has. I personally would prefer less cheese, since I love kale, but others might not.


The Pizza

Pizza with soft cooked duck eggs*, garlic, spicy coppa, frisee - $16

Even though there were only about 7 pizzas to choose from, we had a hard time choosing and I asked the waitress for her recommendation. She recommended the soft cooked duck eggs, garlic, spicy coppa and frisee pizza. This sounded interesting, I’ve never had duck eggs on pizza and didn’t know what to expect. So, when our pizza came I was a bit confused. The pizza looked more like a salad and where was the duck egg?


Spicy coppa hidden under the frisee

After taking a few bites into the pizza we discovered the duck egg and sliced coppa ham underneath the greenery. The duck egg was soft cooked and once the pizza was sliced, the duck egg became runny and made for an excellent sauce to balance out the rather dry pizza.

The pizza definitely took me by surprise; I guess I should have taken a closer look at menu when the waitress suggested it. After having the salad I was hoping for more of a melted cheese kind of pizza but this isn’t a bad choice if you are in the mood for it.

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