Meat & Bread has been on my list for ages. Opening only a few years ago, it has gathered all the buzz as being the best sandwich shop in town and has even been featured on TV shows like Guy Fieri’s Diners Drive Ins and Dives.


Where All the Hipsters Go

The interior has a rustic feel to it. And somehow you do feel like you’re in an authentic deli shop. First thing I noticed when walking in was that the place was filled with really hip looking people. I felt like I walked onto a movie set or something. The place was busy and there was a line up, but it’s easy to forget the wait with the efficient and friendly service.


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Mountain of Bread: Can you just fill my sandwich with that crispy skin?

As recommended by my coworker, I ordered the Porchetta. Seeing the roll of pork beside the chopping board alone would have been enough to make me order it. Seeming not at all greasy, it looked like a really well prepared roll of pork, that was perfectly baked till crispy. Oh boy did that skin look good. I’d be happy if they just filled my sandwich with the crispy skin bits.


The Porchetta with Salsa Verde

The Porchetta - $8, Cola - $3

The Porchetta Close Up

The sandwich itself is pretty simple, but all the ingredients work well together to provide a sandwich that isn’t too salty (from the pork) or too bland (from the bread). Perfectly seasoned. To me it’s kind of a western take on a Chinese BBQ pork sandwich. However, the meat is noticeably drier than you would get at a Chinese place, so don’t expect it have the same soft texture. Don’t get me wrong though, this was still a very good sandwich!

Want a quick DIY Meat & Bread Porchetta sandwich? I recommend getting a french baguette at Safeway (they make them fresh everyday), some BBQ pork from Chinatown and some veggies such as cucumber and cilantro and *BAM* Asian/Vietnamese style Porchetta sandwich! Okay… not exactly Meat & Bread but it’s still good, I promise!

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