From my previous post about Hot Doug’s, you might guess that I’m quite a fan of Anthony Bourdain’s TV show “No Reservations”. I don’t know exactly what it is, but basically everytime he showcases a restaurant, it looks really good and I just want to go experience it for myself.

(Skip to 0:45 for context)

So he describes it as, undoubtedly, the best roast pig in the world. Slowly hand turning the pig on a fire roast? Constantly rubbing it with coconut water then stuffing it with Indonesian Spices? Yum.

Perhaps before I continue, I should mention some images may “disturb” some readers. However, just realize that other places in the world prepare food differently, and unless you’re a vegetarian, it’s a bit hypocritical to judge others!

Located in the beautiful town of Ubud, on the island of Bali within Indonesia, this place is easy to find and a popular place for people to eat. While suckling pig is served widely in Indonesia, this place is apparently one of the best on the island of Bali. I couldn’t wait to try and was extremely excited to be able to find the place! Ubud itself is a fantastic city and completely worth stopping by on any trip to Bali.


Found it! Woo hoo!

To enter in this place you have to remove your shoes, which is nice. The reason for this is that a lot of the seating involves sitting on the ground. A fair bit of tourists were here which is no surprise given the popularity and reputation of the place. I spotted a few locals eating as well.


Fresh Roasted Pig.

Wow, she didn’t look too happy when I took this photo! The pigs are roasted every morning, so to get the best parts, go early for lunch. Later in the day most of the crispy skin portions are gone.


Roast Pork served with Vegetables

The crispy skin was simply amazing!

The cokes in Indonesia taste different! The smaller size was perfect with the meal.

Undoubtedly this was one the best roast pork dishes I have EVER tasted. The crispyness of the skin was out of this world and the Balinese spices went perfectly with the pork. The spices were never overbearing, flavourful yet you could still taste the pork.  You simply can’t get this sort of flavour anywhere else since the spices are native to Indonesian land, making it unique to its location. You’d never guess the flavor of the dish simply by looking at it!

As a side note, Bali is a truly beautiful island, rich in culture, food, and beautiful scenery. Thinking about Ibu Oka, not only makes me miss the roast pork, but also the entire experience of the island as a whole!


A beautiful Balinese Sunset

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