On a warm spring night, we wandered down to White Rock to enjoy weather. It’s starting to finally look like spring/summer!

Beautiful Spring Sunset!


There are many, many dining options in White Rock. It can be quite interesting strolling down Marine Drive finding all the restaurants trying hard for your patronage with elegant decor and signs luring you in for a meal. One particular restaurant caught our eye and we had heard good things about the places from a few friends of ours.

Cielo's! With outside dining available!


Since it was just two of us, a light dinner was preferred instead of an epic meal.

"Cielo's 'famous' balsamic reduction. More on this later.


The interior decor is really cozy, and first-date-ish setting. It’s a great place to bring talkative people. The atmosphere really supports it. I can see in the summertime that this place would be buzzing as people fight for the patio seating.

The inside of the restaurant. Cozy.


‘Famous’ Bruschetta

‘Famous’ Bruschetta - $14

This dish surprised me. I’m not a bruschetta/bread fan in general but this was definitely noticible. The perso dressing and the balsamic reduction drizziled on top was just delightful.


Steamed Mussels with Pesto, Fresh Tomato 

Steamed Mussels with white wine, pesto, braised leek, fresh tomato - $15

The steamed mussels were pretty darn good. Lots of mussels and virtually no ’empty shells’. It includes a piece of bread with… you guessed it, the ‘famous’ balsamic reduction. By the way, they do sell the balsamic reduction separately for $12.  This dish was great. Highly enjoyed and the sauce made it great for dipping the bread into.

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  1. John H says:

    Love the food and view but hate trying to get a reservation there. Every time we come up to White Rock I call the place and it goes straight to voicemail. Have started going to Pearl Urban Bistro instead and they have excellent food, a great view and i can book at their website.

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