Tucked away near Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a small french restaurant named “Le Pichet“. The overwhelmingly positive reviews on Yelp, as well as advice from a Seattle local, encouraged us to try it out. The overall experience was delightful.

Upon entering, you really feel what the place has that sets it apart from a regular restaurant. The ambiance could only be described as “very french and romantic”.

Subtle sign "Le Pichet" translates to "The Pitcher"

Diners at Le Pichet

Reserved, Written on the Table

If you plan to eat at this place, once thing’s for certain, and that is definitely make a reservation if you plan to eat on a busy night. The bar is also open, not for reservation, but there aren’t that many seats. Judging by the popularity of the place based on location, reservations are almost mandatory.


Entirely in French, but luckily with some English overlays. Gives an idea what it would be like eating in France I suppose, no English!

The server was very attentive and polite which  is a definite plus. I must say throughout the night they were very attentive at topping off our waters. First an ‘amuse bouche’ was brought to the table. From what I understand of french cuisine (which is very limited I must say!), ‘Amuse Bouches’ are like an appetizer to any appetizer you might order. It’s function is just to get your mouth going.


Amuse Bouche: 3.5/5

Complementary Amuse Bouche

Complementary Amuse Bouche

I don’t remember the name of this amuse bouche, but it wasn’t bad at all. To sum it up, it was a very oily cookie served with some olives that tasted like Kalmata Olives. The olives themselves weren’t pitted, so bite carefully. The cookie was actually pretty good, despite the oilyness.


Baguette and Bread:4.5/5

Complementary French Baguette with Butter

Of course, being a french a restaurant, baguettes are a must. The baguette was very good, crispy, in a fresh way. I really dislike baguettes where the freshness is gone out of them, and you’re left with a rock hard piece of bread.  The butter served with the bread was also great.


Salad Verte: 3/5

Salad Verte (Green Salad with Mustard Dressing and Hazelnut Vinaigrette) - $5.00

Next up was the Green Salad. When I ordered the salad, I suppose I was expecting a green salad of mixed greens, so I was suprised to basically see a small head of lettuce. However the serving and the preparation was indeed very good. I enjoyed the salad a lot.


Salad Verte, Amuse Bouche, French Baguette

Poulet rotie a votre commande, choux rouge au Jerez(Washington Natural Chicken roasted to order; red cabbage braised with sherry, red wine, apples, and beef broth, allow 1 hr): 4/5


Poulet rôti à votre commande, choux rouge au Jerez(It took one hour for this bad boy to arrive) - $34.00/2 person

This was the item I was planning to order before even setting food in the restaurant. Interesting is that they make this to order, so you actually have to wait one hour before this arrives. The chicken was excellent, but not the best chicken meal I’ve ever had. I would actually rate the dark meat as 5/5, but the white meat as 3/5, as it tasted a tad dry (over cooked). However, the seasoning and the flavor was simply succulent. I’d highly recommend this dish if you’re willing to wait for it.


Red Sherry, Beef Broth, Apples, Cabbage

It comes with a red sauce that you goes perfect with the chicken.


Poisson du jour sur lit d’haricots blanc au pistou provencal (Pan Roasted Fish of the Day served on white beans tossed with candied cabbage, brussel sprouts, and basil-pine nut pistou): 4/5

Fish of the Day, Salmon - $19

While this dish looks fairly plain, the flavors were something to write home about. The bland-looking beans were cooked to perfection and just bursting with flavor. I’d rate it 5/5, but the slightly overcooked salmon brings it down a point for me.


-Great services
-Nice ambiance
-Reasonably priced high quality french food

-Small size and popularity means reservations are required, and may be tough to get a spot on busy nights

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