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Thierry Patisserie in downtown Vancouver fills what seems to be an emerging niche in the coffee market: a classier espresso cafe which focuses more on fancy dessert offerings rather than coffee and espresso.  The decor is reminiscent of Thomas Haas Patisserie, with its wood-based decor, small round tables, and even the tiny airplane-sized washrooms.  Thierry offers the standard cafe menu, from espresso-based drinks to loose-leaf teas, as well as a wide-range of french dessert options, including macarons, pastries, and various confections.  Pricing is a bit higher than what you would find at a typical Starbucks-class cafe, though it’s standard for the quality that is presented.  One thing that Thierry deserves points for is accessibility: it’s open until midnight everyday (+1), even on Sundays and holidays (+1).  Furthermore, it’s located right in the middle of downtown (+1), one street up from Robson and a five-minute walk from Burrard Station.



On the day I visited Thierry Patiserrie, I was in a rush so I was only able to grab a tiramisu cake to go.  The presentation was excellent, with a ribbon tied around an outer chocolate shell.  The taste itself was fine, but it was a little heavier on the whipped topping than I liked.  One thing I really appreciated was that they taped the cake onto the box, so it wouldn’t smush up against the sides when I jostled it.  On a future visit, I’ll have to try some of their actual pastries and macarons, which should be their strength.

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  1. […] or 1 for $1.05. These prices being very reasonable when compared to other places in Vancouver like Thierry where a macaron can cost $2.50 each. Mind you that these don’t in as nice as a box as Thierry. […]

  2. Jo says:

    These places look the same because they hired the same designer. Marc Bricault.

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