I’ve always wanted to go to Abigail’s Party and without reading the fine print on the Entertainment Book coupon, I almost thought we’d be able to do a two for one deal for brunch. But alas, the coupon is not applicable for brunch and hence we all had to pay full price!

I forgot to take a picture of the interior, it was after a long night – sorry! The four of us were seated at this raised table booth kind of thing where the whole time I just felt so cramped. If this was a two girl and two guy situation, the table would have been significantly not large enough. The restaurant itself is quite small, and would fit about 40 people or so seated comfortably at a time for their meals.

None of us really wanted coffee so I can’t comment but I did see them going around with the urns, so perhaps it’s refillable? That’d be a bonus! So onwards with the menu and food.


Bison Short Rib Hash (Tender, slow-cooked bison short ribs, fresh baby spinach, caramelized onions, fresh herbs, red new potatoes, and two poached eggs topped with freshly made hollandaise and served with muli-grain toast) - $12.95

My friend absolutely devoured this, and she normally doesn’t finish her meal usually too! So to see her eat it all MUST be a verdict in itself. She did let me try a bite however and I tried only the short rib bison. It was prepared amazingly. The spice they used was really well seasoned and the texture almost resembled something similar to a pulled pork kind of tenderness.


Jericho 2.0 Scramble (Fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto) - $9.95

Poor picture! Sorry! Just bad lighting where I was sitting and the flash would’ve been too strong. I didn’t try any, so I cannot comment on how it was.


The Brunch Burrito (Chipotle- scrambled eggs, corn, roasted red peppers, refried beans, roasted potatoes, and aged cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla, served with fresh tomato, salsa, guacamole and hash bowns) - $10.95

My friend said this wasn’t anything special but she did really like the roasted potatoes and ate all of that. She also made the comment that she wasn’t crazy about the guacamole that was spread on the top, but if it’d been served on the side it would have been better. The ketchup isn’t served with it normally, my friend couldn’t hold back before I could get a picture in time!


Yew Street Special Scramble (Sauteed wild mushrooms, fresh spinach, tarragon, goat cheese) - $10.95

The last dish was mine and I absolutely loved it! The eggs were super fluffy and the smooth goat cheese always brings a distinct flavour and texture that just makes it super soft and pillowy!

PS. My friend got her car towed when we left the restaurant! Be super careful when dining in this area as there are a LOT of tow cars!

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  1. Cam says:

    So sad that your friend’s car got towed! Did they park at a meter and it just ran out of time because then they should have just gotten a ticket, not towed =(

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