On a recent trip down to Seattle, our little road trip group were watching a special on the Food Network called “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. The show featured different food stars and famous chefs and, appropriately, “the best thing” they ever ate. Giada DeLaurentiis happened to be featured on that episode. She was describing these freshly made doughnuts at a small resto in Seattle… wait what!? WE were in Seattle!! I immediately grabbed my trusty iPhone and looked up reviews for the place.

Lola, a Greek/Mediterranean breakfast and brunch restaurant, is a place that is claimed by reviewers and foodies as the place with the best eggs benedict and freshly made doughnuts that will make you crave for more. With over 700 glowing reviews on Yelp and over 900 votes on Urbanspoon, you know this place shouldn’t be ignored.

As expected, there was quite a wait for this place. I believe we waited about 45mins on a Saturday morning. But conveniently, the restaurant is connected to a hotel and the hostess offered us to sit in the hotel lobby while we waited.


Made to order doughnuts, seasonal jam, vanilla mascarpone - $8

Seated, we immediately ordered the “Made to Order Doughnuts”. For $8, you’re served a plate of 6 bite sized doughnuts with seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone. Our first impression was, “wow that’s a small order”, but as we each took a bite, we were sold. In fact, we wanted a second order and ended up ordering it at the end of our brunch. Warm, soft and coated in just the right amount of sweetness, complimented by the tangy taste of the jam, these doughnuts live up to their claim.


Eggs benedict, bavarian meats ham, dill hollandaise - $17

Being a lover of poached eggs, I knew my order before I even looked at the menu. The eggs benedict came served with Bavarian meats ham, dill hollandaise and their smashed garlic-fried potatoes. The bread was delicious, actually it was ALL delicious. My friend and I both agreed it was the best eggs benedict we’ve ever ate.


Lamb kebabs, caramelized garlic with red wine glaze - $16

Tom’s big breakfast - $16

One of my friends ordered the Lamb Kebabs and the other ordered “Tom’s Big Breakfast”, which was a scramble of octopus, white beans, cauliflower, bacon, poached egg, and chive yogurt. Both of which were claimed to be quite delicious.

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